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MormonBoyz - Elder Lindsay - The Sacrament - 720p

MormonBoyz - Elder Lindsay - The Sacrament - 720p
Elder Lindsay pants as sweat runs down his back and between his ass cheeks. He can't tell whether the moisture is coming from him or Bishop Angus, as he powerfully rides his ass.

Earlier in the day, Elder Lindsay arrived at the Temple eagerly anticipating the crowning step of this journey, his Ordination.

He knew that today he would receive the mantel of Bishop Angus' authority when the bishop breeds him. The bishop will push his cum deep inside him, imbuing him with the power of the higher priesthood.

The young boy was so excited by what was to come, that as soon as he entered the room where the Ordination was to take place, he began rubbing his cock. He fantasized, as his shaft lengthened in his sacred underwear.

His mind wandered, as he thought about all the men and boys he had already serviced.

He thought especially fondly of Elder Ricci, his mission companion, whose nag-sized cock he tasted when they were just beginning their journey into The Order.

Bishop Angus caught Lindsay in his daydreaming and pulled the boy and his hard cock towards his thick body. And now, Lindsay is naked and bent over a couch, his tight hole completely filled by Angus' pulsing member.

Angus bends the boy forward so that his knees are at his ears. He rest his considerable weight against Lindsay so that he the boy is pinned to the couch, nice and open so the Bishop can fuck the boy as deeply as possible.

As he fucks the boy's pliable hole, Bishop Angus leans forward and kisses Elder Lindsay as he continues to moan. The bishop's tongue explores inside of boy's tender mouth. In return, Elder Lindsay's tongue glides across Bishop Angus' tongue and lips.

“I want you to ride me now, boy.†Angus grunts. Lindsay is only too happy to do something that will give Bishop Angus pleasure.

Lindsay has looked up to Angus, and in many ways Bishop Angus has been like a man figure to him, guiding him through this process.

As the young man mounts Bishop Angus, he feels a deep sense of pride and satisfaction.

He's giving the man just as much pleasure as he is getting. He slides all the way down the bishop's dick until he can feel his ass pressing against the man's hefty testicles. At which point Bishop Angus takes over.

Elder Lindsay's whole body can feel Bishop Angus' cock pistoning inside of him.

He wraps his legs around Angus' waist and the man picks him up with ease and flips him onto his stomach.

He knows this is Angus' favorite position and he relishes how deep his thick shaft can go. He pushes back on the man's swelling head, desperately wanting Bishop Angus to shoot a huge load.

He can barely hold in his own hot load as he hears Angus grunt and say that he is going to cum. Lindsay eagerly does as he was instructed and lays on his back and opens his mouth, waiting for Angus' thick load to rain down on his face.

Once his face has been covered in cum, Bishop Angus will scoop up a healthy amount of seed, apply it to his hole, and then push it into the boy as deeply as possible. With his dick rammed into the boy up to the hilt, the bishop will let his balls empty completely.

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